Hi everyone! Welcome to my new blog.

What’s it all about?

Well, Down Days are what I call the periods of depression that I suffer from. This blog is a home for the book I have written; a P.O.V insight into what it’s like for someone to live with depression. It isn’t my first book, but it is the first time I’ve written non-fiction and the first time I’ve ever written about myself specifically, especially with such honesty.

My idea was to give an insight into what it is like to live with depression. The symptoms, the fears, the things someone like me has to consider on a daily basis to make it through a society that fundamentally doesn’t understand us. I also wanted to release it as a free PDF, rather than through my publisher, so that anyone who might find some comfort or some perspective in it will be able to do so without barriers. That the world see depressives as they really are and come to understand us is too important to attach a price tag.

This has not been an easy book to write. There is a story here of the single post petrifying and life-altering experience of my existence. I have lived with a darkness of soul, flirted with suicide, and lost myself. There is also no real end to this story. I am not “better”. I’m not “fixed”. This is a condition that I continue to live with every day.

But the book is just the beginning. The idea of attaching it to this blog was two-fold. First, so that it has somewhere to live that people can find it and download it for free. Secondly, that people might share their own insights. Down Days the blog will have few posts from myself. Instead, I would like this to be a place for people who suffer from depression, and those who live with them, to share their own stories. The comments sections will hopefully open up some dialogue that people might find support from others.

That’s it. That’s the idea.


Thanks for reading.




  1. when i read this i was in tears ,there was so much i recognised of ME obviously from different things that have happened in my life but what stems from something that happened in my childhood and also the loss of a child ,i am still taking antidepressants im not sure i could cope without them yet ,admitting to yourself and everyone else that you have this illness is the hardest thing ive ever done it made me feel like a failure ,worthless , the feeling that nobody likes you ,the worst is being told to snap out of it ,i wish it was that easy .


      1. It’s all an act Craig I’m sick of acting ..I’m sick of how people talk to me like their allowed to treat me like that . I’m sick of bullies I’m bloody angry at moment sorry x


      2. Never apologise for expressing how you’re feeling. Keeping it in can be much more dangerous than just letting it out. That’s what I think, anyway


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