Down Days arrives!

It’s finally here, folks. It’s taken a lot of tissues and typing but Down Days is right HERE, if anyone wants to read it. A few things to let you know, just in case you missed the info elsewhere:

  1. Down Days is absolutely free to download and distribute.
  2. I encourage you to spread the word, and the file. Where possible, I’d ask that you send people to visit the site to download. It’s nice to know how many people are interested, and then people can see the other information that’s here.
  3. I encourage people to submit their own stories/poems/thoughts to the blog. This isn’t just about me, but about building a realistic view of mental health for anyone to read. Your posts can be a few words, something to think about, an experience you’ve had, anything.
  4. TRIGGER WARNING: Down Days contains issues around depression, suicide, anxiety and suchlike that some people may find upsetting. I’d encourage you to read anyway, because that’s the point, but be aware that you may come across things that make you uncomfortable.


Thanks for reading!



  1. Craig thank you for Down Days… It’s just great….I laughed, wept, winced pretty much in equal quantities… Squirmed quite a bit, given I worked in Mental Health for so long. I recognised so much… Ijust wished I’d had that book when I’d first started training…


  2. It is rare that you will find a book about the personal experiences of depression to be as candid as this one. Craig has made me chuckle, cringe, even tear up at times. It is so relatable that I wonder if Craig is telepathic; from the geeky references to the description of the down days, I kept thinking “this guy is in my head”.

    Definitely could have used a book like this in my early teens 🙂

    Thank you!


  3. I loved ‘Down Days,’ I’ve read it all in one sitting today. It’s come at a good time for me as someone that’s always struggled with these kinds of issues, felt ashamed and covered it all up so fabulously by over exerting my personality. That was in my twenties. Now I’m in my thirties, that act is seeming harder to keep up. I think we start to relax and mellow a bit more as we get older and self contentment and acceptance become even more important than ever before. I’ve found that it has become much harder to cope with as I’ve got older so am actively getting help. There’s no shame at all in going on medication to get you through an awful time and going to counselling to strengthen your mental health. I always felt more ashamed about how I feel than I do nowadays and that’s due to mental health not being as taboo. It’s still not quite where it needs to be but has definitely improved over the years and I think ‘Down Days’ will really help the process move along. Thanks so much Craig, you’re amazing.
    p.s. You say you can’t grasp who you are and what your purpose is in life – it’s definitely writing!! You just need to keep at it as you are and you’ll continue to excite people’s imaginations and give hope and hopefully even get that bestseller, you’re good enough! You have shaped my day and made it worth something today and that is a massive achievement to be able to do that for someone 🙂

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    1. You’re very sweet, Cleo. I’m glad Down Days helped. Thanks for such a huge comment and for sharing your story. We’re all right here, comrades in arms, if you ever feel alone.


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