Election Day: The End of the World as we know it

Hello, everyone.

Today’s Down Days is sponsored by the letter F (because most of the things I say will contain it) and the word weltschmerz.

I touched on this a little in the Down Days ebook (which remains, and shall always be, free) but today it seems to be even more relevant. We all know that 2016 has been an utter cluster-turd of a year. We have lost some of the greatest minds and talents in the artistic world between David Bowie, Lemmie, Prince, Alan Rickman and a host of others that is too soul-shattering to discuss. I don’t want to open up political debate on here, because that’s not what we’re about, but we also had Brexit this year and just this morning the wealthiest and most influential country in the world has been taken over by a Giant Bigot Overlord. It’s got to the point where the gargantuan Time-baby from Gravity Falls would actually be an improvement.

Image result for gravity falls giant baby
This. This is what’s to come.

Donald Trump has won the election and once again, I’m reminded of one of the primary things that drives my Down Days. The state of the world. This post’s sponsoring word, weltschmerz, describes this perfectly:

Image result for weltschmerz

The German people have the best words! I’ve had this problem for a while. I think it comes from my artsy/creative side. You see, people think that I’m a cynic, a pessimist, but that isn’t true. I am cynical about the world only based on the evidence that it presents, and I am only pessimistic when I can see exactly what is going to happen is a bad thing. Surely that is realism? In actuality, I’m a total optimist. I believe that the views of the future that have been shown to us by Star Trek and other Utopian Sci-Fi, are possible. The human race can be united. Bigotry and every ism related to the oppression of other people can be a thing of the past. We can set aside the drive for financial gain in favour of principles and honesty. All of that can be done if we, as a species, start to see that we’re all the damned same despite the amount of melatonin, neurological chemicals, or concoction of hormones that our individual bodies contain.

If only people would stop being so fucking stupid. And that is where my Down Day is sparked from. That utter disappointment with how the world could be and how terrible it is. I feel weltschmerz so heavily that it can lunch me into a pit of psychological despair. How can anyone look at this world and not be depressed? Why am I so strange for feeling the impending doom of our planet and actually caring about it? The true question is: What’s wrong with the people who don’t feel it?

And so, we return to today’s election results *sigh*

Brexit has cut the UK off from Europe (or will once article 50 is actually enforced) and the US now has an openly sexist, racist, utterly pestilent pig as its leader.

And what does that mean for us, Those-Like-Me? Well, it fills me with fear. Not only for the greater state of the world, a possibility that presses down on me like a solid weight, but what it means for Those-Like-Me. What do you think will happen once these utter wastes of oxygen have sent everyone with a different skin colour elsewhere? Then it’ll be a systematic down-treading of the various sexual orientations. Then who’s left?

It’ll be us.

The edges of society and “normality”, the misunderstood. Once every other minority has been wiped out, then we’re next, my friends. It’ll be arm bands and asylums for anyone whose brain works differently.This is not pessimism, this is a reality that is stampeding over the horizon to mow down anyone who isn’t “White” or “Western” or “normal”.

To present you with an image which has the appropriate emotional weight, everyone with mental health issues have the potential to be Mufasa’d.

Image result for mufasa stampede

May the Elder Gods help us.


Thanks for reading.



  1. Yep feels crap… but I wouldn’t have felt much better with Clinton elected… I’m truly sorry for those Americans who give a damn…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Its crap, time people understood the meaning of democracy. This should be a new subject on the school curriculum, starting from nursery. the americans didnt stand much hope either way.

    Liked by 1 person

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