Quickie: Tommy Franklin

Hi everyone.

I don’t generally like sharing utter mindless uplifting shite without any purpose or soul. There are memes and vidoes and news stories out there for that that can share sentiments without any thought to what they’re actually saying or without any basis in the real world. A personal hatourite (a favourite one to hate. Copyright that shit) is a story of a small child who was “pushed by an angel” to catch his baby sibling when it fell from a table. What utter bollocks. Other examples of this are the stories that Simon Cowell exploitively uses just before introducing a singer on X-Factor; using people’s trials and tribulations for entertainment value and to add some nugget of emotional weight to an otherwise soulless “reality” tv show.

Anyway, I occasionally find something with real soul, or something that touches me or inspires me. I wanted to share one of those stories with you, the story of Tommy Franklin, who struggled as we do, and found his outlet. It also helps that I could listen to an Australian accent all day long. I think it’ll give you a smile.

Here’s the story of Tommy Franklin on You Tube.


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