Quickie: Head Fuck Friday

Hi everyone,

I saw this posted on some social network or other and it really appealed to my existential preoccupations. I thought it might amuse you, too.

That sounds a lot like a world we’re spinning on, doesn’t it? Anyway, happy Friday everyone. See you for more posts over the weekend πŸ™‚
Thanks for reading.



  1. Hi, that sounds about right to me. I’ve suffered from depression since being a teenager. A part of that was due to having learning difficulties that weren’t noticed but it was also because I had brains and found the work I was given not challenging enough. I’m now highly educated and have a love for learning, despite my learning difficulties. Over the years, I noticed a pattern with my depression and it’s linked to not having enough focus and mixture in my daily routine. Boredom is a big issue for me, guess that’s why I spend a lot of time telling stories to myself and daydreaming. Keeping business and doing new things is a good way to deal with depression, even if you feel like you can’t. I’m luckily that I know the signs of my depression when it starts up now and I can get on trying to escape the full force of it before it’s too late. Talking about it helps a lot too!

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  2. Hey Louis. I had to read that a few times before I realised if you were agreeing or disagreeing. I think I get it now. Sorry for being slow. So you mean intelligent people suffer while the ignorant can be blissful, right? In which case, I totally agree 😊. Depression has been linked to biochemical changes on the brain but, who knows which is the chicken and which is the egg? Maybe it’s a little of both?


  3. Yes and no. Unintelligent people can’t actually handle life, which is part of why religions, as collectives of people supporting each other, are so ubiquitous. And being unintelligent, they are less capable of detecting the common, inherent flaws of the mind [cognitive dissonance, repression, confabulation, etc] which kick-in when worldview issues occur.

    Intelligent people, on the other hand, are often more sentient, and thus less capable of self-deception, and thus need to find answers to the questions of life. But those answers require years of serious thought to acquire; even with full access to the works of the great minds, the majority of information remains disorganized or unaddressed, and merely reading the work does not necessarily transfer understanding. Plus, a high IQ doesn’t guarantee a correlative degree of emotional intelligence, thus can instead create extremely potent self-deception.

    Basically, everyone loses. People simply -need- a worldview wherein they can imagine themselves being happy – its impossible to lack one unless someone is to unintelligent that they are nearly, mentally, indistinguishable from an animal. Eventually, humanity will have to develop a unified philosophy, much-like a religion but minus superstition, or our increasingly potent scientific mastery will become our undoing – “power without control is chaos.”

    Course, even if someone develops such a worldview, integrating it into humanity as a whole would probably take generations and extreme amounts of influence over global socioeconomic infrastructure, media, etc: there are many, many worldviews currently in circulation, and almost all of them are crystallizations of various forms of self-deception – religion, of course, being the prime example; but even Academia’s generally promoted perspectives are often highly irrational.


    1. Bloody hell, that’s a long comment 😊. What you’re talking about is a worldwide philosophy based on common sense and anti-douche-baggery, I think. I could certainly get behind that, Louis.


      1. I’m aware. And, I’d rather not take your challenge. But thank you for the invitation. This blog is focussed on simplicity and accessibility so that everyone who needs it can get involved. I don’t believe that verbosity helps nor demonstrates understanding. I appreciate that you’ve taken the time to visit the blog, though, Louis.


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