Personality or: I did a thing

Hi everyone,

I hope you’re all having a pleasant Sunday and continue to do so. We’re going to talk about tests, today. Yay! So, if you’ll all separate yourselves and make sure that you read this post in exam conditions, we’ll proceed. This will be going toward your final grade, so pay attention.

As a rule, I hate the fact that everyone I come across seems hell-bent on putting themselves into one category or another. It started when I began writing my novels and people would constantly ask “so what kind of thing do you write?”. Even submitting to publishers and agents, I was constantly forced to categorise what I wrote to fit into pre-arranged shelves. What if I don’t fit any category? I mean, Greaveburn doesn’t even have a protagonist, just a bunch of villains and bastards stabbing at each other in a fantasy setting. Anyway, people do that kind of thing with their own lives, which is way worse. I know, categories are sometimes useful. Scientists need them, for starters. But when it comes to things as individual as people and things even more individual as their thought processes and issues, then we defy categories, surely?

And yet, personality tests amuse the hell out of me. I’ve done lots over the years. From doctor’s surgeries to counselling sessions-

Counsellor – “On a scale of 1 to 10, how depressed do you feel right now?”

Me- “Why does your scale only go to ten?”

No wonder they hated me hahaha.

Anyway, I’ve taken the psychopath test in the past (scored 86%, which was no surprise to me) but just this week I took a test that I’ve been meaning to for ages, the 16 type personality test. It took about five minutes so no big deal.

Turns out that I’m an ENTP-T.

So what the hell does that mean, other than I have a Cyberdyne Systems product code that is nowhere near as cool as the T-101? Well, apparently, I’m a “debater”. The long-winded breakdown is several pages long, covering how I react in relationships, in work, and in social situations. But, what it boils down to, is what I already knew. I basically don’t fit into society very well:

  1. I don’t do well with authority (especially if they’re bloody stupid) but I don’t have any desire to take their place
  2. I’m also far too literal and logical, while having a very defined personal code (mine being based heavily on my stupid pride and independence at all costs)
  3. I love debating and playing devil’s advocate while not expecting anyone to take me seriously. I just find it fun
  4. I’m full of ideas with zero idea of how to implement them
  5. Despite that, I tend to come across pretty friendly and switched on (note the come across)

The profile was ridiculously accurate, by the way, with both strengths and weaknesses (mostly weaknesses). So, I’d advise anyone to give it a go, if this kind of things tickles you. Just do me a favour and don’t do what most people do; don’t go around changing your profile description to tell folks what personality category you fit into. Don’t buy a badge or have or tattooed on your forehead. And certainly don’t let it change the way you act. Too many people suffer from self-fulfilling prophecy. Think about Monica from Friends. In an early episode, she is defined as being a control freak, competitive and obsessive when it comes to cleanliness and neatness. Then, over subsequent series, she became a caricature of that, almost as if people drawing attention to her personality made her even more that way. It removed the subtlety from her character and, although I know she is a fictional character, I have seen far too many people do that to themselves in real life.

To summarise: Other folks will spend their time trying to pigeon-hole you. Don’t make it easy for them, ok?


Thanks for reading.



  1. Great post! I’ve always hated categorizations, as though they could ever define ALL that a person is or worse, all they could ever be. I like to think that I am filled with multitudes of past and potential, more of a stew than a single serving.

    I’m going to take that test now.

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