It’s over 3000!

Hi everyone,

Yes, that’s a (slightly paraphrased) Dragonball Z reference.

So today is just a short post of thanks, really. I honestly can’t believe that so many people have gotten involved with Down Days that it has had over 3000 visitors. Between comments, Facebook messages and emails from people from all around the world, it’s been an education to see how folks can stick together and share their experiences. You’ve all been so kind and it really has been great to talk to you all.

So, keep visiting! Every person that reads/shares the free ebook on the DOWNLOADS PAGE, every comment, every share of a tweet or a post, and every person who decides to share their story with us (just drop me an email) helps to break down the stigma around mental health issues, and let everyone know that they aren’t alone.

If you guys have any tips on how to spread the word, whether it’s useful hashtags or websites, magazines or just friends to send over to say hello, then please let me know. As you know, there’s just me doing this, and on a zero budget, so every bit of help you can offer is very much appreciated.

In celebration, I’d like to share a song with you from one of my personal favourite bands, Matchbox Twenty (bit of a man-crush on Rob Thomas, ain’t gonna lie). Anyway, here’s Unwell:


Thanks for reading, everyone.


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