Poetry (Masquerade)

Hi everyone,

On the 27th of this month it will be one year since I left the profession that sought to destroy me. But it failed! Sure, the dragon left me a groaning, charred husk, dragging myself over broken glass toward…I have no idea because my eyes are melted shut, but I’m not dead!

Suck it, dragon.

Anyway, with that little anniversary, so comes another. We’re winding up to this blog’s first birthday next month. It seems only fitting that we have some kind of…something. Even if I have to sit in my own washing machine with a solitary sparkler, I’m going to be marking the occasion. However, in terms of the blog, we’ll be counting down with…

*drum roll*

Terrible poetry!

*the sound of scurrying feet*

Hey…where’d everyone go?

Oh yes. Poetry there shall be. I’ve been threatening you all with this since the last few pages of the Down days ebook was written. I have a few poems that I’ve played with over the last few years. Some are “full” poems, some just little nuggets. I’ll explain as little as possible about each one and just let you read them, but they come from very different stages in my depression, so there’s a bit of a…range of emotions (Damn, this is nerve wracking). If you feel they’re worth a share, feel free to do so.

Anyway, without much further ado (but much much trepidation), I give you the first poem, Masquerade.




Thanks for reading


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