Some kind of birthday

[For everyone who has been following the poems on the run up to today, there’ll be more today and tomorrow, so keep your eyes peeled :)]

Hi everyone,

It’s one year since I was officially released from my Nursing job! If you’ve read the Down Days ebook (still free on the Downloads page) you’ll know the details and so I won’t bore you with it all over again.

Still, one year. One whole year of writing, one year of blogging on this loverly site.

Have you ever noticed how something can go so quickly and yet seem like a lifetime away? It seems so recently that I was dragging myself through every work day, dreading turning up. I can vividly remember the mental and physical exhaustion, weighing me down.

And yet…

It also seems like that was another person. Sure, I talk about my depression a lot on here, and my anxiety, and none of that has gone away. I still struggle with the fundamental (emphasis on mental) issues that I suffer from. But I feel like I maintain myself better now. I’m less burnt out (unless it’s a week with work and conventions and writing and living all at once, which is pretty often). I’d like to say that I have more of a social life, but…I’m working on that, ok? The point is, on the grand scheme of things, I’m better. Leaving that job was still the best thing I ever did. I look back on it like someone might a past-life regression.

It’s given me time to write again! Hell, in the last year, I’ve finished:

  • Down days (novella)
  • Emi (novella) – still need somewhere to publish that one
  • The Adventures of Alan Shaw 2 (proper big boy novel due out in March)
  • A squillion blog posts for here and elsewhere
  • More (terrible) poetry than you can shake a stick at
  • Editing novels for other people
  • Plus I’m halfway through my cyberpunk novel, and started Alan Shaw 3.

As much as I beat myself up for not writing fast enough, that’s pretty good going!

But now we get to the real point of this post.

For that whole year, you have been supporting, encouraging and sometimes outright kicking my backside. Thank you. Without the kind words of everyone who read the Down Days ebook, this blog would never have existed. I’d have just given up. Every visitor, every comment, every share has been a beacon to me, to keep going. There will be no cake for this birthday celebration but, if there were, you’d all deserve a slice. Keep doing what you do, being good people, pulling faces at the dark.


As always, thanks for reading.


1 Comment

  1. Congratulations on your First! Teddy is having fun.:)
    In my humble opinion it is very often an illness or other traumatic events in life that leads to
    major changes in our lives. Very often these changes turn out to be creative one way or other.
    There goes the dark and light again.


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