Steampunk Asylum Weekend

Hi everyone!

So, the year’s biggest Steampunk event has been and gone. Three days of glorious sunshine in the historic quarter of Lincoln was an absolute blast. Moving between the castle, the cathedral and the university on subsequent days kept me on my toes, but was a great way to make sure that I could see the event as well as work it.

If any of you read my other blog, Down Days, you’ll know that I was pretty nervous about this event. After all these years of authoring my way around the country, it still gets to me when I have to do talks in front of people. Mostly because I have no idea what I’m talking about hahaha.

But, at Asylum, they went quite well. Talking about the pitfalls of the publishing industry on Sunday and the importance of representing diversity in Steampunk fiction on the Monday, no one fell asleep and no-one spontaneously combusted, so that’s a bonus!

In fact, everyone who attended was lovely. I got lots of interesting questions and a great debate arose in the Monday session that meant I barely had to say anything. Perfect.

The fact that my heart was sledge-hammering the whole time was almost inconsequential 🙂

Anyway, the whole event was a great success. I hate to think of these things in terms of sales, but I now have lots of new readers. Lots of folks came back to say they’d already read one book or another, and sometimes all three, and give some very touching feedback, which always sends me home eager to write more.

I also had an immense gluten-free pie from a stall on the Sunday evening. Just in case you wanted to know that.

Anyway, so I’ve come back and am slowly catching up on my sleep. Right after this post, I’ll be hitting Alan Shaw 3 hard. The second volume is shaping up nicely in the hands of Inspired Quill. More info on that soooooon.


Thanks for reading!


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