If You Don’t Score High Enough, You Don’t Get Help

Hi everyone,

I known I’ve not been around much but I’m afraid the Down Days have been officially winning. I’ll post about it another time. While you’re waiting, I wanted to share a great blog post on accessing therapy and counseling and how tough it is.

Thanks for reading.

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The time for my first therapy session came and went. Except, of course, it didn’t. Because since when is anything in life that simple?

I turned up, filled in a form and waited to be called. I got called up by a lovely lady who reminded me of my very dearly missed grandma Pat (in a good way). She took me to a little side room and we spent a moment debating whether it was a pod or a booth (it was definitely a pod). There, she goes through the form I filled out and puts on a serious face.

‘I’m not sure we can take you,’ she says. ‘You see, you needed to score a seven or above in either of these questionnaires and you were at five and six.’ Apparently I’m not anxious or depressed enough to get treated for it.

‘Well, I don’t think the test is…

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