The Understanding Initiative

The whole point of Down Days is to share the experience of living with depression. That was why I wrote the ebook and released it for free. That’s why I keep the blog running. To share.

But still, sometimes words fall short. At least, mine do.  So I’ve decided to start this page dedicated to sharing the best pop culture examples of people suffering with depression, mental illness or anxiety. So that, if people don’t read, we can suggest movies, if they would rather listen to music then we can have songs that shoe how it feels to live with what we do every day.

If you have any ideas for the list, just drop a comment or an email using the Contact page telling us why it resonated with you. As always, these things can be kept entirely anonymous of you’d prefer. I’ll pick them up and try to find links for your suggestions where possible. And thank you all, in advance, for your help.

Here’s the list!

1. Iron Man 3 – An interesting take on the superhero who has seen more than he can handle. Although the depiction of Tony Stark’s anxiety are kept on the down-low for most of the movie, how they come unbidden and can be kicked off at the slightest provocation are actually very accurate representations of living with anxiety. Here’s a link to one of the scenes: Tony has no idea what’s happening to him

2. Something Wicked This Way Comes by Ray Bradbury – Unfortunately, I can’t just type out the section in question for copyright purposes. In the copy I have it’s pages 120-122. Regardless, it’s chapter 28 when Will is talking to his father about what happy people look like on the outside. It’s truly poignant and well-written.

3. Moana – What a great movie! One of Disney’s best, for sure. But the particular scene that I want to draw your attention to is this one. The image is taken from Pinterest. I’m not sure who did the original. I apologise for the very tumblr style to the text. But the message is a good one. Grandma’s approach in this scene is very relevant to encouraging people with depression:

I also super love how Moana accepted her job as chief even though what she really wanted to do was voyage?? She realized that her responsibility to the island was more important than her adventure wish and figured out how to be okay with that and idk I just really love this movie